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Explainer Video

Explain your creative product, ideas, business or services within 60-90sec. Extract and display your core message, this kind animations stunts user with its own uniqueness, your message represent your thoughts via simple animation at very low cost. Today’s competitive world expecting the way of representation to catch their audience with their image, video, design and other things.

Moxman provide you a eye catchy explainer video for your business with best voice over, simple animations, branded colour. Explainer video will be a different approach for displaying your idea in a simple way, These work well explaining specific topics in details. According to survey video catches more attention than rest of the stuffs on web page also it could turn the impression into a business deal, the rate of conversion makes upward spike in the scale of business.

Why with Moxman

  • Simple Explanation

    Architect each part of your site with new arrivals and latest technology.

  • Good Graphics

    Much clear or improved way of working decides usefulness of a site.

  • Easy Understanding

    User friendly sites carry more views as well from business perspective.

  • Suitable Voice Over

    Deliviring information to user seperates your service from the rest.

Technologies We Use

2D Animations

Make your thoughts reach easily by shaping it in a 2D or 3D manner, Animation grab more attention from the user than the flat, simple image in the web site. Make attraction and then conversion with a simple animation which multiples user rate for your site.

Content may be king of webpage, but animations conquer more than the king, every user spend half of their browsing time with 2D&3Danimated images or videos on website. it freeze user and converts great ideas in a childish manner. Make your animation to speak deal for your business.

3D Animations

3D Animation represents realistic objects which can appear solid to a viewer. More particularly in business point view it can be used in marketing, advertisement and communication. 3D animation explains the product to customer in simple and easier way, grabs more attention and helping them to realise about product nature.

Today people more influenced by video representation before choosing any particular, specially when it comes to business choice. So be simple and clear in your idea represent it within a minute, it greatly improves the look of your product or service from customer perspective.

White Board Presentation

Whiteboard animation keeps attention. Due to the constant drawing motion, viewers anticipate what’s going to happen next. So they stay engaged with the video and want to finish watching it
It is universal. This video style is suitable for just about anything: from business videos to school presentations.
It is universal. This video style is suitable for just about anything: from business videos to school presentations.


Visual effects (commonly shortened to Visual FX or VFX) is the term used to describe any imagery created, altered, or enhanced for a film or other moving media that cannot be accomplished during live-action shooting.

VFX is trending technology using almost in every industry for their product or service representation. Today audience expecting new and colourful presentation about products, even advertisement. So it is ideal to demonstrate your service with VFX effect.

E-Learning Products

Online learners are increased more compared with past years, overview and description will be dictated in terms of live video. From their comfort place they can learn and pass through many subject, concept, idea and many more.

E-learning going to be future of learning, which lead the future generation into developing path as well their idea and way of thinking. By video demonstration we can gather huge audience at single point from different places.

Products Explainer

Easiest and fastest way for a business to reach its target audience within time boundary. Making a video about your product or service is a best way for your introduction among customer. Video which carries the whole story about your services, products.User can easily realise what they expect from our side.

Describing history and all other achievements of your services makes the bond and trust about your service with the customer even stronger before. This kind of promotions improve visibility of your business brighter for every end user, which brings your distance tight closer to the customer.

LOGO Reveal

LOGO is a symbolic and unique representation of a brand. Designing a good logo often requires involvement from a marketing team teaming with the graphic design studio. Before a logo is designed, there must be a clear definition of the concept and values of the brand as well as understanding of the consumer or target group.

Broad steps in the logo design process include research, investigation of alternative candidates, refinement of a chosen design, testing across products, and finally adoption and production of the chosen mark.

Corporate Promo

Explaining a product to audience is a crucial job for anyone in market, need to clear your way of dictation as well your core theme. User get idea about product from their level, but getting relevant and proper information about the product is a main goal for any business firm.

Product explainer speak from your place to customers, it tells them what you offer and what will be the profit for them. Clear demonstration video and suitable audio play will be a added advantage for explaining your product. Watching videos is favourite thing for every person. So it is easier to freeze them on your demonstration video.